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...I'm just someone who likes to ramble when she posts, but who also feels weirdly anxious about posting on her own tumblr. I'm a fan of a great many things, but I also like to play video games (mostly RPGs/Visual Novels/Horror). Sometimes I swallow down my angst and blather on about theories and opinions I might have. There are also pictures of cats sometimes. ...Did I mention that I ramble?

Oct 8

Would stop using contacts for one of these :3


Would stop using contacts for one of these :3

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Oct 7

…it’s not like I have a dearth of games that I want/need to play, but for some reason I wish someone would license the Laura Bow games so they could go up on Good Old Games for me to buy. -_- I just have had the wild urge to play Laura Bow 2: The Dagger of Amon Ra for some reason.

That game TERRIFIED me when I first played it, after I fished the CD out of some bargain software bin without even knowing much about it. I was hopelessly stuck for ages and kept looking for the hint book at the software store… then one day it was miraculously there for me to buy- I’m NOW fairly certain that one of the employees took pity on me and ordered it or something, but I wish I knew for sure. It made me so happy back then- and I actually still have that thing sitting right by me right now, with the little red cellophane you had to look through to get the answers and everything.

But I digress- the reason why I was terrified of the game was not entirely just because I was kinda young and there were dead bodies popping up everywhere- but because I hit some sort of bug or something when I entered a room with one of the bodies (it’s a murder mystery, so that isn’t a spoiler, right?), examined it, and… the game would not let me exit the room. So I was just… stuck there chilling with a corpse. Even after I reloaded, I never ran into that bug again- but that room always gave me the heebie-jeebies after that, even when I replayed the game and went there before there was a body.

…yeah I wish someone would license Laura Bow 2- just about everything ELSE old and by Sierra seems to have made it ;_;

Aug 15

…I really need to actually post some content on here sometime- but “I’m sleepy and trying to play through Ace Attorney Investigations 2” doesn’t really make for compelling text posting, I think :/

Maybe I’ll try and think up something to post on once a week or something- it could get me writing again, anyway.

Sort of want to do that… 30 day Ace Attorney Challenge I’ve seen around, but I sort of feel obligated to finish AAI2 first so I can be as informed as I can be. …unfortunately, I am progressing like I’m made of molasses.

…this has been a random late-night ill-advised post.


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Jul 26


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Jul 25


i dont even have guilty pleasures anymore i just like stuff and if people have a problem with that they can go fuck themselves

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Jul 22


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Philomena is guess for a name~

Oct 16

Today is national MOIRAIL day. Reblog if you love your MOIRAIL.

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Random Homestuck Theory

I just had a thought all of a sudden regarding Homestuck…

Spoilers for the update on 10/16/12 - Might be some inaccuracies because I didn’t really cross-check anything.

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Aug 5


Sailor Moon Theme Song
For Orchestra by Walt Ribeiro

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